Custom Vinyl 12" BLACK Record  - Your playlist on vinyl 6 songs and 22 minutes per side
Custom Vinyl 12" BLACK Record  - Your playlist on vinyl 6 songs and 22 minutes per side
Custom Vinyl 12" BLACK Record  - Your playlist on vinyl 6 songs and 22 minutes per side

Custom Vinyl 12" BLACK Record - Your playlist on vinyl 6 songs and 22 minutes per side

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Whether you are new to vinyl or an avid collector - this service is for you. 

Create your one-of-a-kind custom BLACK "mixtape" record! You'll send us your favorite songs and we'll send you a vinyl copy of your best playlist on classic black vinyl.

This listing is for a two-sided BLACK vinyl record with 6 songs and up to 22 minutes per side. If your playlist is under or just a little over 18 minutes (18:30), select the 18 min or less option! If your playlist is over 18:30 on either side, please choose the 18-22 minute option. 

Please read the listing description below for details on how it all works and contact us with any questions.

See our ETSY store for reviews:

Item details:

All vinyl records ship with a label, an inner sleeve, a jacket, and an outer sleeve. If you would like a custom label set or custom jacket see the store page for options. Custom labels and jackets are sold separately; please add these additional items to your cart before checking out. (Yes, you may add them after and we will ship it on/in the same order).

These are hi-fi stereo lathe cuts on 180g vinyl in archive quality poly-paper sleeve and sturdy jackets (not paper foldovers) mailed in the highest quality mailer available.  We have a seasoned, professional engineer on the team who masters every song for every record (see our reviews on the ETSY link above for sound quality). Every record is cut and listened to in real-time to ensure the best possible sound and we also add a signature lead in and lead out grove to ensure your record plays perfectly every time. 

Engineer note: "the shorter your playlist, the better the quality" so consider this when choosing your songs! Most people do not notice the quality difference between an 18 min and a 22 min but some do so --- to get the best sound, choose a shorter playlist. 

How it works:

1) Choose your songs. Six (6) tracks PER SIDE is the maximum.  If you would like us to buy the songs for you, please see the listing called Add On Song FIles 

2) Add up your playlist for each side. The absolute max is 22:30 so make sure your playlist will fit on both sides.  Click here to use our time calculator: 

Mixtape Vinyl Time Calculator

If your playlist is over 22:30 on either please revise the playlist so it doesn't exceed the max time or consider purchasing a second record (a double record set is available in the store). 

After you have your songs, you are ready to check out. If you want plain labels and a plain jacket skip to step 4. If one of your sides is over 18:30 minutes, please choose the 18-22 min side option. 

3) Add Custom Labels and/or Custom Jacket to your order. The directions on how to send us your artwork and other details are on the receipt and in the listing descriptions. 

4) Please check your mailing address and email address before checking out! 

5) We will send you a confirmation email thanking you for your order with directions on how to send us all of your details. (Click here if you want to review the details before ordering). You will also be given a link to our Hot Sheet where you can check on your order status at any time. 

We are standing by ready to answer your questions. 


I have only a streaming playlist, can you use that? 


All songs need to be actual song files that have been purchased on a CD (which you convert), Itunes, Amazon, or Bandcamp. If you would like us to buy the songs for you, you can add the ADD ON Song Files to your order. Please see the example playlist in the listing description. 

When will my order ship?

Please see the current turnaround times posted on the front store page. Let us know if you would like a rush order for an additional $35-$75.00